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Cat transport headqarters: Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Helsinki
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Every weeks: St. Petersburg to Europe and back
26 of march Barcelona - Vienna
28 of march Zürich to Budapest
28 of march Berlin to Budapest
29 of march Helsinki to Budapest
4 of april Bruxelles / Rotterdam to Budapest

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Cat transport by air and by car

cat transport soft carrier

When travelling by road we provide bed, litter box and also food and water depending on the length of the journey. We have plastic carriers for all breeds and sizes.
When flying we use softboxes and cat beds. On a longer flight we provide food, water and litter tray for your cat in the restroom on the plane every 2-3 hours.
In case of a connecting flight we offer a larger popup box with food, water and litter box when we have enough time during stopover. All our boxes, beds and carriers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each shipment.




Our Cat transport box and size in car:
cat transport plastic box car shipping size

It’s the vendor’s /sender’s duty and responsibility to obtain all required documentations and certificates so that the cat to be transported can enter the host country.

If you need consultancy or help in obtaining the documents, our company gladly assist you on paying extra consultance fee. We bear no responsibility of lack or incorrect paperwork. We are financially or any other way not liable for failed deliveries due to above reasons. Furthermore we are not liable for braking the rules of air transportation (e.g. fright overweight), which can be an indication for the airline to reject the delivery. The price quotations are net prices, in case you need an invoice, please let us know in advance. In case any other costs like import fee, tax, VAT, inspection fee, or any other country specific costs at the border arise, it must be covered by the customer / receiver party. The transport costs do not cover such costs.

The price quotation is valid for 72 hours and is based on the actual conditions (e.g. pet in cabin place availability, ticket prices). In case the sender or receiver party changes the date, the eventual extra costs are to be covered by the customer. The 72 hours are to be ment from the quotation to the arrival of the deposit. We buy the flight tickets as soon as the deposit arrives so that we can guarantee the transport pricing. Please note that the flight tickets are not refundable, the date is fixed. In case you would like us to get a flexible flight ticket, let us know prior to the quotation, but be aware that the flexible tickets are 60 percent more expensive. Transfer costs (e.g. paypal, bank transfer) are to be covered by the customer.

The pet in cabin place availability is based on the availability when the quotation has been sent. For any changes in the ’pet in cabin’ resp. ’animal vivant in the hold’ availability our company takes no responsibility. 

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