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Cat transport headqarters: Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Helsinki
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Every weeks: St. Petersburg to Europe and back
26 of march Barcelona - Vienna
28 of march Zürich to Budapest
28 of march Berlin to Budapest
29 of march Helsinki to Budapest
4 of april Bruxelles / Rotterdam to Budapest

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cat transport logo200pxWhen calculating prices length of the whole transport is considered because we know that the shorter the better it is for your cat.
You will recieve our final offer after you have filled in the requests form. Our current offerings can be found under the menu heading 'Actual shipments'
Typical cat transport prices:
Europe to USA (east side): from 400 €
Europe to USA (west side): from 600 €
USA west side to Europe: from 600 €
USA east side to Europe: from 400 €
Russia to Europe: from 350 €
Russia (all) to USA (all): from 450 €
USA (all) to Russia (all): from 550 € 
Europe to Europe (all EU countries): from 100 €
Asia to Europe: from 550 €
Asia to USA (all): from 600 €
USA and Europe to Asia: from 650 €
Africa to Europe: from 600 €
Africa to USA: from 800 €
Europe to Africa: from 600 €
USA to Africa: from 800 €
All price is CAT in CABIN transport (not cargo prices) hand to hand.

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