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middle of june Houston/Dallas - Frankfurt
first weekend of july New York to Prague
first weekend of july Dallas to Copenhagen/ Hamburg

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anke cat transport siberian catCat transporting from Frankfurt to Manassas by air and by car 

"Dear Laca, You have done the best job, of all the cures I have been able to work with so far, you were always there immediately, when questions were, you always wrote immediately and quickly. Also as a problem with your flight to Frankfurt because of the weather, you were always in contact. Even at the airport, I was overwhelmed with these whole people and the size although it is my home, but you were always the resting pole. Even the communication platform Whats app you could organize so that we could communicate.

cat transport ChartreuxCat transporting by car and by air from breeder door to Roma airport

"Great service: Laca is a very attentive and caring. Our puppy has traveled serenely with him from Italy to Hungary.
right price, professionalism and courtesy guaranteed from start to finish ... great Laca work. Thank you"
Giorgia Chats-en-Blues cattery Rome, Italy

"Reliable, honest, accurate, thoughtful, polite, and he loves cats. I have maximum trust. I can recommend!"
Susan Blue Melody Cattery Hungary - www.chartreuxcat.net

Eva Kapsalis and Niko

Cat transporting by air: Budapest to Athens and back, Athens to Vienna.

 "Laca rather than a good friend of ours is an excellent professional. His professionalism is beyond any expectation and that’s why we have trusted him so many times for transferring our cats. He knows fully how to manage the needs of the cats, as not only he lives with them, but loves them (and generally animals, not only cats) to the fullest extent. He is synonymous with discretion and responsibility.

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