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Cat transport headqarters: Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vienna, 
Next trips:

Every weeks: Budapest - Wien - München and back (by car)
Budapest - Milano and back (by car)
Budapest - Hamburg and back (by car)
Budapest - Amsterdam and back (by car)
other cities possible

Contact us: info@cat-transport.com

Cats First!

cat on board cat-transportWe love cats, we know cats and we share our home with them. We are aware of their needs, we are able to respond to unexpected situations since cats have long been part of our life.

We are breeders and pet owners with over 20 years' experience who make sure your pet will arrive safe at his/her new home. 

For some cats airport procedures like security check might be annoying but we are experienced in finding calming solutions to situations of that kind. 

We have safely shipped more than 200 pets so far with 100% satisfaction record. (Please find previous experiences of pet owners under the 'Customer feedback' menu heading.)


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